Our Values

We have a set of values which we use to support all aspects of our business:

Edge: We understand that sometimes tough conversations need to be had to help deliver results for the business. Our people use their people skills to tackle the difficult issues – they know how to win friends and influence people when they need to.

Execution: We see what needs to be done and make things happen. Our people go the extra mile to drive and deliver results to help us achieve our targets. 

Expertise: We are an airport made up of many experts – people who really know their stuff. Our experts are an active and integral part of the team who share their knowledge and experience with others.

Energy: Our business thrives on energy – our people bring the buzz to the airport, they are full of enthusiasm and their positivity is infectious. They help create the culture we want to see around the airport. 

Empower: Our people are passionate about developing their own skills as well as the skills of others. They lead by example and motivate and inspire people to do their best every day.

External focus: We pride ourselves on knowing what is going on around us and understanding how we fit into the wider business. We make sure we know how teams can work together to get the job done.