Our Values

Our values have been created by the people who make Edinburgh Airport what it is. They capture the character of the airport and the people who work here.

Our values are key to our success and they are present in everything we do. They shape our future and the path we follow; they guide us as a business in every decision and every action we take.

Our values are what every team at the airport has in common, whether we work in Security, Engineering, Airside Operations, IT or Finance. They help us deliver big days and are at the core of our culture at the airport.

Everyone has a role to play in bringing these values to life – no matter who they are or what they do, everyone plays their part. 

Working Together

We all play our part as one airport team.

Doing the right thing

We have the power to take ownership of our decisions and actions.

Caring about what we do

We are people before we are colleagues. We create a safe working environment for all. We take pride in our work and we look out for each other.

Providing a great service

We have the people, the means and the motivation to deliver an excellent experience. It’s in our DNA.

Investing in our future

We understand that the decisions we make today are important for everyone’s future.

Our values in action

Our Training, Security Compliance and Security teams work together to ensure our Security Officers have the training they need to ensure they can do their roles to the best of their ability.

Our response to incident management is driven by doing the right thing. The people and teams involved use our values to guide their decision-making principles.

We care about what we do and the people who work at the airport. We are committed to looking after the wellbeing of our people as we know that good health and wellbeing at work leads to personal and organisational success.

Our Passenger Operations and Safety Managers, as well as our Customer Support team, provide a great service to our passengers, as they are on hand to help answer passenger queries both in the terminal and online.

At Edinburgh Airport, we realise a sustainable future is for the Greater Good. Our sustainability strategy invests in our future – it sets out what we are doing for the planet, for our people and for our country.

How do we live our values?

Our values are embedded into everything we do.

They are part of our performance appraisals, our incident management processes, our onboarding, our training and code of conduct.

We have a dedicated team of Values and Wellbeing Champions. These people use their creativity and great ideas to help get teams and departments engaged with our values in ways that work best for them.

Finally, we celebrate and recognise the people who go above and beyond, those people who through demonstrating our values make amazing things happen, whether that’s through team recognition, our peer to peer recognition scheme Shining Stars or at our Celebrating Success Awards.