Airport Operations and Service

Airport Operations and Service plays a central role in coordinating and supporting functions across campus, ensuring the collaboration and coordination of all airport stakeholders, providing a seamless experience for our customers from the kerb to the gate.

Airport Operations and Service is made up of three core teams – Landside Operations and Airport Operations Control Centre (AOCC), Terminal Operations and passenger services and Operational resilience.

Find out more about some of the roles in this team below.

Airport Operations Managers are accountable for leading the airport operation, delivering a safe and resilient environment for our passengers.

Passenger Operations and Safety Managers are the face of the airport and are on-hand to deal with any incidents or issues across campus while working with internal and external teams to ensure the best experience for arriving and departing passengers.

And the Airport Operations Control Centre comprises a team of highly skilled individuals who handle hundreds of calls, monitor hundreds of cameras and liaise with teams to ensure the right information is given to the right people at the right time.

Women using hand held radio device