Application Process

Here are the 8 steps to your career in Aviation Security!

You can also watch our handy video guide below.

  1. Apply online
    • Fill in your application here, this must be completed online through your candidate portal. All stages need to be completed in the form before you can proceed.
  2. Telephone interview
    • If you pass our initial checks, you will receive an email inviting you to book a telephone interview. This can be booked in your candidate portal and typically lasts 15 minutes. Please let us know at this stage if there’s any support or adjustments you need at the assessment centre.
  3. Assessment Centre
    • If you pass the telephone interview, we will book you into an assessment centre which takes place at Edinburgh Airport. This includes a computer test, a group exercise and an interview. You will be asked to bring along some important documents with you including right to work and proof of address.
  4. Offer!
    • If you pass all of these stages, congratulations! We will offer you a start date on a training course that suits you.
  5. Vetting
    • This stage can take around 4 weeks as we need to carry out a few checks including a Criminal Record Check, a Counter Terrorist Check and a full 5-year history to support your airside pass application. To help us with this, please make sure you provide us with as many details of previous employment as you can. You may also be asked to use the HMRC app to aid this step. But don’t worry- we keep you right every step of the way!
  6. Before you start
    • We’ll ask you to fill in a few forms before you start with us including a medical assessment and online training. Please note that we need you to complete these before you can start in the role. When your airside pass is cleared, we will be in touch to let you know your first day arrangements.
  7. Training
    • Training lasts for 3-4 weeks and is typically completed Monday to Friday. You are paid for your training period and it is a mixture of classroom and on the job training as well as some assessments. Our dedicated Training team and coaches have all been in your position before, so they are here to support you all the way. You will need to pass all of the assessments to progress on to the shop floor.
  8. Start your new career!
    • Once you have been signed off by our Training team, it’s time to get stuck into your new role! You’ll still have the support of your Supervisors’ and your teammates on hand, but you are now ready for your career to take off!