Giving Back

As an airport we are committed to help support change in our local communities – change that will serve future generations.

We want to share our business success via investment and awareness. We want to invest resources in programmes and communities most affected by our operations.

Charity of the Year

Every year we work with a different charity to help raise funds and awareness for their cause. By focussing on one charity we hope to maximise our impact, both in terms of the money we raise and the promotion we can give to the organisation.

The initiative has been running since 2012 with huge success, giving financial support and increased awareness to a number of charities. It’s also brought countless rewards to our business by engaging staff in a collective effort for the benefit of our wider community.

We are delighted to be working with The Larder as our corporate charity of the year for 2022.

The Larder is based in West Lothian and works to provide training for young people around issues such as employability, health, wellbeing and life skills, as well as learning how to cook and using food as a way to promote social change.

Community Fund

We have a Community Fund managed by our independent Community Board. This is given £100,000 per year to support local community projects around the airport delivering improvements to health and well-being, the environment and education.

Work Experience

We offer work experience and career fairs to school children and internships to students to actively promote our career opportunities and the wider aviation industry.