Yo! – Kitchen Porter

Salary TBC + benefits + free food on your shift!

We’re sure you’ll have seen a YO! kitchen before. You know, the exciting place in the middle of the conveyor belt where lots of tasty dishes are lovingly and skilfully prepared. This is your chance to enter the circle of trust and show us what you’ve got. Fresh fish isn’t the only thing on the menu either. It’s an environment where there’s an incredible amount to learn, see and do. And in return for your dazzling contribution, we’ll give you a clear path up the YO! ladder, together with a tasty salary and benefits package. Interested? Here’s what we’d like you to do:

•Do what the head chef tells you (at least until you get to be head chef)
•Be clean, organised and meticulous to the point of obsession
•Be happy and pleasant to work with – not too much to ask
•Be funky (we’re not sure what this means but it sounds good)

Of course, not just anyone can wander in and start throwing knives around. So we’d like:

•The ability to work well with others (sharp knives good; sharp tongues not so good)
•A nice cool head even when things are manically busy
•A good team spirit – it makes everyone’s life easier

If you’re interested, then get stuck in. Drop us a line and we’ll get things moving faster than one of our lunchtime shifts. You must be eligible to work in the UK