WFS- Ramp Team Lead

Ramp Team Leader – UK Ground Handling – Edinburgh Airport

Job summary:

The successful candidate is expected to coordinate and lead a team of ramp agents during the turnaround of aircraft, ensuring all required ramp functions are carried out in a safe, adherent, and timely manner. They are responsible for the safe completion of loading as instructed on the report form and ensure that all company, airline and airport procedures and policies are followed.

Skills and qualities:

• Allocate tasks/provide instruction to members with your team
• Provide leadership to the ramp teams to ensure operational performance to meet both airline and airport requirements
• Safety is the number one priority – the team leader is responsible to ensure that all staff operating on the ramp are doing so in accordance with the training and all the safety standards. Operating to a Zero tolerance policy
• Head-sets procedures
• Push back of the aircraft
• Aircraft holds loading distribution and Loading Instruction Report signature
• Driving and/or use of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to perform the baggage and ramp activities: loading belts, hi-loaders, baggage carts, etc.
• Aircraft assistance: Chocking, Coning, Extinguishers, PIGS and GSE handling on arrival and departure
• Aircraft Safety: Damage and FOD checks on arrival and departure
• Completion and signature of any form or report associated to the activity
• Motivate and drive the team to meet the requirements of a safe and timely turnaround
• Minimum of 2 years ramp experience
• Previous leadership/supervisory experience preferred

To apply for position please email directly to: [email protected]