SWR Newstar – Waste Recycling Officer

SWR Newstar – Edinburgh Airport

Waste-Recycling Officer (WRO)
Pay rate – £9.00 /hour

Department: Operations
Responsible to: Waste-Recycling Supervisor

Full time, shift work 06:00 – 15:00 and 15:00 – 00:00


The role of Waste Recycling Officer is to support the Account Manager and to improve the efficiency of recycling and waste management at SWR’s customer site. This is a vital role within SWRnewstar as the efficiency of the WRO will mean that our customers receive a better service.

Emphasis will be placed on waste segregation to improve recycling levels and to offer advice and guidance to airport staff on how to effectively manage their waste to prevent contamination incidents.

Key result areas/key tasks/main duties:

  • Collection & transportation: Collection & transportation of waste from airside & landside waste holding areas to the waste yard. A driving licence is a requirement for this role. Airside driver training will be provided.
  • Sorting the various waste streams: All waste entering the waste area is to be sorted & disposed/ processed accordingly. It is very important to ensure the quality of this material is high by minimising contamination and reporting any abnormalities.
  • Compacting: Operating a waste compactor or baler machine to produce high quality bales. Machinery training will be provided.
  • Maintaining overall cleanliness of the waste area & waste holding areas: Ensuring containers are neatly aligned in their designated areas & all waste is stored in the correct manner.
  • Completing daily checks: Check Sheets will be provided.
  • Loading and unloading of service trucks.
  • Ad hoc duties as and when required, by SWRnewstar’s Account Manager, this may include:      
    • Waste Audits
    • Confiscated Waste Disposal
    • Replacing signage/labels on containers
  • Environmental awareness and compliance: The nature of SWR’s business means that there are a lot of environmental regulations that must be adhered to. WRO’s are responsible for ensuring that they adhere to all rules and guidance provided by SWRnewstar. When an employee becomes aware of a potential environmental compliance issue within the depot they must make the depot manager, line manager or area manager aware of it.
  • Health and safety: As with all employees of SWRnewstar, depot staff are responsible for their own health and safety at work and should comply with working guidelines at all times. Any Health and Safety risk that is identified should be flagged up to the person involved, customer manager or line manager depending on the situation.
  • This list of duties is not exhaustive.


If interested, please apply by sending your CV to ghutton@swrnewstar.co.uk

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