Barburrito – Crew Member

As a Crew Member at Barburrito you are responsible for providing all customers with Outstanding Service and delivering World Class Food


  • You must ensure that you deliver excellent customer service to all customers that visit your store ensuring that they leave with a smile on their face
  • You must follow the company line dialogue which tells you how to talk to customers and how to explain the menu, ensuring that you are smiling and have a positive attitude
  • You are responsible for greeting all customers when they come into the store and when they leave
  • You are responsible for using the till and ensuring that the company till procedures are followed at all times


  • You are responsible for serving customers on the line and preparing their food order to the highest standards
  • You must ensure that you follow the company handwashing & gloves policy to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness
  • You must follow the company specifications for every item on the menu and ensure that you follow the portion control guidelines
  • You are required to work as a team and to support the kitchen team with kitchen duties when required, including food preparation, and washing up


  • You must ensure that you follow all company policies and procedures to ensure that top class operations are in place within your store


  • You are required to carry out cleaning duties as required to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness within your store. You must follow our Clean as you go (CAYG) policy.

I confirm acceptance of the above Job Description and I understand that the above list acts as a guide only, and I will complete any reasonable request from my manager. I understand that my duties and responsibilities may be subject to reasonable changes as required due to business demands.

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